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Advanced sports massage therapy - supporting sports & fitness

Whether you’ve experienced massages at the end of a race or in your gym, it is increasingly common to find sport massage therapists established locally. In conjunction to the benefits of massage associated to chronic pain, sports massage therapy certainly has a place within fitness regimes, complementing health and fitness whilst also supporting injury recovery.


Working with me

 All my treatments are 100% tailored to your needs and capabilities and I will work alongside healthcare practitioners or personal trainers / team coaches to ensure that the right plan is implemented.


Working with me, you should expect to see an improvement within 1-6 sessions.  This could be a reduction of the initial pain or increased flexibility and range of motion. As results improve the frequency of treatments can be decreased. There is however a level of commitment required (by you!) to these sessions and you may be provided exercises between sessions or asked to make lifestyle changes to help recovery.

Physical Benefits

- Decreases muscle tension and stiffness

- Promotes faster healing of muscles, tendons and ligaments

- Provides greater joint flexibility

- Reduces pain, lessens formation of excessive scar tissue

- Improves circulation of the blood and movement of lymph fluid, strengthening the immune system

- Rectifies posture allowing for better weight distribution on your joints

- Alleviates the physical symptoms of stress

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Mental & Emotional Benefits

-- Encourages you to connect with your body leaving you with an enhanced body awareness

- Improves your ability to recognise the stress signals as they arise and respond appropriately

- Relieves mental stress and lessens anxiety allowing for calm thinking and creativity

- Helps to allow some time for self-reflection and space to think about "you"

- Assists with overall sense of well-being

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