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Clinical massage therapy - helping chronic pain

As a society we often turn to modern medicine for the answer - however basic touch, like that of physiotherapists and chiropractors, can provide a significant degree of relief dependant on the condition and where there is a will to recover or manage the pain. Similar to these alternative therapists, through my training (the highest massage therapy qualification there is in the UK) I have been equipped to support and become an extra pillar in dealing with pain management and recovery. 


Working with me

All my treatments for chronic pain are 100% tailored to your needs and capabilities and I will work alongside your other healthcare practitioners to ensure that the right plan is implemented.


Your pain has probably built up over months or years. Working with me, you should expect to see an improvement within 1-6 sessions depending on your condition.  This could be a reduction of the initial pain or an increase of range of motion or a complete recovery. As results improve the frequency of treatments can be decreased. There is however a level of commitment (by you!) required to make the most of these sessions and you may be provided exercises between sessions or asked to make life-style changes to help recovery.

Physical Benefits

- Pain relief

- Alleviates the physical symptoms of stress

- Decreases muscle tension and stiffness

- Promotes faster healing of muscles, tendons and ligaments

- Provides greater joint flexibility

- Reduces pain, lessens formation of excessive scar tissue

- Improves circulation of the blood and movement of lymph fluid, strengthening the immune system

- Rectifies posture allowing for better weight distribution on your joints

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Mental & Emotional Benefits

- Encourages you to connect with your body leaving you with an enhanced body awareness

- Improves your ability to recognise the stress signals as they arise and respond appropriately

- Relieves mental stress and lessens anxiety allowing for calm thinking and creativity

- Helps to allow some time for self-reflection and space to think about "you"

- Assists with overall sense of wellbeing


Reasons for Massage

Chronic pain can come into our lives various different ways, should it be an underlying health condition, illness, accident or trauma. I have listed below some of the main reasons why you may consider a treatment include:

- Musculoskeletal injuries: scar tissue, strains, sprains, fracture, whiplash

- Overuse injuries: plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder

- Head and neck: tension headaches, migraines

- Postural and joint dysfunction: Patellofemoral syndrome, hyper lordosis, hyper kyphosis, scoliosis, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), osteoarthritis

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