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Hot Stone Fusion

Hot Stone Fusion Therapy is a fusion of Eastern and Western advanced stone techniques and hands-on massage either integrated into a remedial session or a session dedicated to the stones themselves. Using smooth basalt stones safely heated in water this is a dynamic, powerful treatment that works deep into the muscles.

Hot Stone Fusion is a wonderfully indulgent and relaxing therapy that consists of placing warm stones on the body while also using the stones to work deeply into the muscles to release tension.

Hot Stone Fusion.jpg

Heat can prove very effective in the treatment of chronic pain (long-term, dull and achy) by reducing muscle tightness and increasing circulation which provides an optimum environment for injury repair. Cold stones may be appropriate when dealing with acute pain and injury as they reduce inflammation and swelling and speed up rehabilitation time. Contrast bathing (alternating the application of hot and cold stones) on a particular area creates an ideal healing environment by flushing the tissue fluids and bringing fresh blood and nutrition to the area.

This beautiful massage is a deep tissue healing treatment; detoxification treatment; immune system booster; an energy treatment and a sanctuary for the soul.

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