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Pregnancy massage - supporting you throughout your pregnancy

First, Second, Third Trimesters... and Post-partum

From the very start, your body changes to accommodate new life and you have to mentally prepare for your new arrival. Massage treatments offer many fantastic benefits and even more so during and after pregnancy. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider booking:

Physical Benefits

- Pain relief

- Helps with general or more specific aches and pains (Back, legs and all over maybe?)

- Work with or around your heartburn, morning sickness and nausea

- Assists with fluid retention

- Can reduce carpal tunnel syndrome

- Relieve muscle strain caused by childbirth and promote recovery from a caesarean birth

Pregnancy Massage NO.jpg

Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Benefits
- Connecting with your unborn child (giving you a chance to break fee from past negative experiences e.g. miscarriages, child loss, traumatic previous pregnancies
- Process the changes that are going on within and around you
- Re-balancing your energies
- Give yourself time to just BE - really important in any circumstances
- Provide your baby a calm and relaxed environment to grow. It may also encourage an optimal positioning
- Additional support alongside the more medical aspect from your primary care practitioners

What to Expect
Treatments can also vary dependent on where you book. We all love a spa treatment but sometimes don't always get what we hoped for. Here's what you can anticipate when booking with me:

- A tailor-made session or treatment plan based on what you want and need
- Various exercises to promote good posture and breathing
- Remedial massage techniques to help with those aches and pains 
- Shiatsu work to focus on connecting with your womanhood & bump
- Lymphatic drainage to lighten you up
- Mobilisation techniques to assist with mobility and flexibility
- Rebozo work to assist with mobility, relaxation and to give you space to just be (have you ever been cocooned?)

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