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Women's health - supporting women through abdominal massage

What is abdominal massage? 

Abdominal massage consists of massaging the lower back, sacrum, upper and lower abdomen. Depending on the treatment and your needs, it can also include mobilisations, rebozo work and visualisations. Fertility massage does not involve any type of internal massage and involves modesty at all times. This lovely therapy provides a secure and safe space, allowing you really focus on you and your inner self. Words that come to mind when receiving this treatment are cocoon, emotions, remedy, empowerment, eye opening, love, and warmth.


Working with me

All treatments are 100% tailored to your needs and capabilities and I will work alongside healthcare practitioners to ensure that the right plan is implemented. Working with me, you should expect to see an improvement within 1-6 sessions depending on your condition. As results improve the frequency of treatments can be decreased.

Physical Benefits 

- Release tension in the sacrum 

- Helps the blood circulation to the lower abdomen 

- Stimulates the digestive and reproduction systems 

- Release muscular tension around the pelvis


Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Benefits 

- Provide a space to relax and feel safe 

- Get in touch with one's feminine side 

- Confront emotional issues in order to deal with them 

- Discover and understand your menstrual cycle 

- Feel as if womanhood has your back! 

- And much more

Fertility Massage Therapy NO.jpg

Reasons for Massage

I have listed below some of the main reasons why you might wish to receive this wonderful treatment:


- Reproductive Problems: Painful or irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation, Bladder or yeast infections, Miscarriages or difficult pregnancies, Pre-menopause or menopause symptoms, fertility problems, PMS/Depression prior to menstruation, Ovarian and breast cysts, Abnormal uterine bleeding, Fibroids, Migraines


- Emotional Problems: Sexual trauma, Miscarriages/stillbirths, Stress, Childhood traumas, Maternal problems


- Digestive problems: Constipation, Diarrhoea, IBS, Bloating, Stomach cramps

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